Friday, December 15, 2017

This Week

What a week it’s been. Monday I successfully veganized a family favourite cookie recipe. This was my second attempt. The first batch didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted and it really bothered the perfectionist in me, so out went the cookies (sad, I know). Then I did a little research, wrote up a new recipe and baked a new batch. When they were ready, I broke a piece off one cookie to taste the results and... HOLYFRESHLYBAKEDCOOKIES, I DID IT! I danced around the kitchen with joy. Don’t I rock? Yeah, I rock. All of this effort is for my younger daughter, so she can enjoy them like everyone else when she’s here on Christmas day. They are truly made with love.

Tuesday was another great day because we took a drive to IKEA !!! *squee* I love going there even if I don’t buy anything. But we did pick up a few things on this visit. Our goal was to finish our dining area and have it ready for Christmas day for the family gathering. So we lugged a few things home and this is where we’re at now.

Like every other room this one is also in need of artwork and pictures on the wall. But we’re going to wait until we find things we like and things we can afford. Regardless, I think it’s a good start for now.

Then later in the week there was more rejoicing when this Christmas card arrived in the mail:

OHMYGOSH... Isn’t it beautiful?

Getting Christmas cards in the mail is one of my favourite things. Getting one from a blogging pal is even more fun. And getting one from a blogging pal who actually painted this gorgeous winter scene herself is absolutely mind-blowing. It’s from blogging friend, Rain, who I think is superwoman. You should see all the things she bakes/creates/grows/makes/knits/paints/draws/cooks, right down to homemade cheese. Go visit her here if you haven’t already. I am convinced she secretly wears a super hero cape (that she made). I just need some proof.

Thank you, Rain!

Art. I’ve done some of that, too. Finding time for drawing has been a real struggle this month but that's the way it goes this time of year. Here are a few I've managed to get done:

I never got around to making cookies yesterday. The day got away from me. I don’t mind since I’ve still got enough time from now until Christmas to finish all my baking. I did, however, make my marinara sauce between coats of paint and it came out great. The sauce and the paint (haha). Click here for the recipe.

And I think that’s a wrap for this week. Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just Who Is This Guy Named Santa?

This morning I'm doing some painting. Nothing major. The big projects are finished in our home and now there are little minor ones left to do. Since I have to wait 4 to 6 hours before I can apply a second coat, I'll bake in the interim. Maybe some mini pecan pies. Or some raspberry thumbprint cookies. And if I'm feeling really ambitious, I might even get a pot of pasta sauce going. I'm thinking marinara. I've got a recipe boasting about taking ten minutes to prepare this sauce. IDONTBELIEVEIT. It takes me about ten minutes just to locate the ingredients needed. But I'll keep an open mind.

Now, just what do we really know about Santa? Who is this guy? And why are we okay with him breaking into our homes? I'll leave you with this:

And what the heck, I'll also leave you with one of my favourite holiday tunes by Trans-Siberian Orchestra; an American progressive rock band.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

(Holiday) Question Of The Day

When my daughters were little, my favourite holiday tradition was taking them to visit Santa. We did this every year and we'd make a day of it with lunch, shopping and photos with Santa. Some years I would sit for a photo together with the girls and Santa would ask me, too, what I wanted for Christmas. I always asked for a vacation. Santa would laugh, my girls would laugh and some people within earshot would laugh. The vacation never came, though. I think that's when I stopped believing in Santa.

Those days are over *sigh* but other traditions continue. Here are three ongoing favourites:

- Decorating the tree
- Baking cookies
- Christmas day lunch with the family

Your turn!